Spring is here, winter depression is slowly fading away and people are starting to get out more, travel more and look for cool places to hang out at. As Sofia is becoming increasingly popular to expats and nomads you might end up in a city you have heard a lot about, but don’t really know where to start.
So here is a short comprehensive guide for expats and nomads who want to spend some quality time in the capital of the Balkans – Sofia.


Since this is a betahaus blog – a coworking space, let’s first talk about the elephant in the room – (co)working.
We have four pretty cool locations, three of which are in the center of the city, which makes them perfect for people who want to work a bit and explore the city more. 

Shipka is great for the modern nomad who wants to have good coffee in the morning, a tasty burger for lunch and then have time to walk around either the huge park “Borisova garden” or walk around the old part of the city with its many small shops, tiny alleys and beautiful churches.

Slaveykov is in the heart of the city, overlooking “Slaveykov” square and is great for nomads with a more “hippie” approach to life. The place itself is cozy, it is close to many small artisan restaurants and a lot of party places for the night.

Sofia Tower 2 is somewhere between corporate and funky modern design. It is in the outskirts of the center, very close to a nice SPA center and it’s in the same building as Mall of Sofia, so if you need to jump to IKEA, the gym or shop for clothes while you are here, it is the perfect fit for you.

ABC is far away from the city’s hustle and bustle and here we can truly say that it is our corporate jewel. If you are in Sofia for a business trip and you want to meet potential clients or partners, this is the best place to take them for a meeting or a calm and organized working day.


Also, something we are very proud of is our vibrant community of specialists in different spheres like graphic design, web design, HR, consulting, architects, etc.. If you are here for the first time (or not) and want to meet some cool people to explore hidden gems in Sofia or just want company for a night out, you can meet your people in betahaus. You will always feel welcome.

betahaus members recommend:

Let’s leave work for now and focus on the more important things – party and social life. Here are some suggestions from the betahaus members for a good time in the city.


If you are more of a “chill in the park” kind of person Sofia can offer many great places to spend a sunny day – Borisova garden, South park, the garden of Ivan Vazov. And after dark you should head to “Christal” garden where everybody meets and the party starts. Yes, the party is in the garden, on the benches, between the bars and sometimes on the ground.

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If you imagine a more clublike night, then you should definitely check KEVA, NOMO and KUPE.
Last but not least, if you are a fan of cocktails, you can taste some amazing mixtures from the best mixologist in Bulgaria, in the oldest cocktail bar in Sofia – Oscar Club (no kidding). 


Now you know where to work and you know where to party, let’s see what you can eat in Sofia.
Bulgarian cuisine is rich, authentic and vibrant. Make sure to explore and try as many things as you can, especially if you like experimenting.
Let’s start with a traditional restaurant – “manastirska magernitsa”, which means the monastery’s kitchen. It is 10 minutes away from betahaus | slaveykov and it has a very folkloric vibe inside and all the dishes are old school traditional Bulgarian.
If you want to spice it up and you are working in betahaus | shipka, you can check “Raketa Rakia” which will transport you back to socialist times with its well designed interior. Their cuisine is focused on bulgarian classic dishes with a modern twist. And just next to it, there is a cocktail bar with the same vibe called “Sputnik”. Grab a Negroni for good digestion.
If you want to go to a hip but also traditional place to eat, check Moma in the center of the town.
Also, bare in mind that here in Sofia people like the hidden spots which are unknown to tourists and also to many that live here…There are some amazing restaurants and bars that don’t appear on maps and to find them you need a bulgarian friend 😉 

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free time…travel

Last but not least, let’s talk a bit about what you can do in your free time, when you are done with partying and eating. Of course, there is the majestic Vitosha mountain with its many routes, cozy huts and beautiful meadows. There are a few public bus lines that go high in the mountain and from there you just have to pick a trail and enjoy the view.
If the weather is not great for a walk in the mountains, or you are just not a nature type, you can check some of the many pools, gyms or sport halls. For example, on the 29th of February, very close to betahaus | abc the biggest climbing center on the Balkans opened doors. If you are a fan of climbing, right next to our location at Shipka you can find the oldest climbing wall in Bulgaria inside the first university in Bulgaria St. Climent Ohridsky. Other than that, you have gyms no more than 10 minutes away from each of our locations and some have swimming pools, so choose whatever fits you best.

I hope this short guide will help you enjoy your stay at Sofia and make you want to come again. If you are visiting one of our locations to work, make sure to say hi to our team.

view from the terrace of Slaveykov square of Graf Ignatiev and Borisova Garden.