organizing coworking events is one of the most important elements in creating a cohesive community. People come to us for a variety of reasons – they don’t have an office, they’re tired of working from home or from coffee shops, they want to reduce their expenses, they want to work from an unconventional space or they need a social environment. But whatever their reasons, in the end they all stay because of the community we build together.

In the last 11 years betahaus spaces have witnessed a fair amount of events, but there are some that we keep on having over the years and we never get tired of them.


breakfast. it’s the most wonderful time of the day. Most people go to bed and wake up thinking about it. However, great breakfasts aren’t about food, they’re about experience. At betahaus we have been organizing betabreakfast since the very beginning in 2012.

Our idea of ​​breakfast has always been about showcasing interesting causes, start-ups and ventures and getting adequate feedback from guests at the table.

закуска в споделено пространство

betabreakfast in lozenets

betabreakfast begins with a brief introduction of each person seated at the table. then the guest host shares his work path, ideas and goals. A cool, informal discussion ensues while we drink coffee and eat. Topics that have “sat on the table” over the years have been various, such as festivals, NGOs and businesses that are already successful. For more than ten years now betabreakfast connects different people and ideas are born.


if you’re dating a girl and she doesn’t remember what betahaus lozenets is – she’s too young for you or she’s been there and she really doesn’t remember. Back in Lozenets, we had bbqs in the yard, unofficially.

събития,коуоркинг,свободни професии,betahaus,бетахаус,споделен офис,коуъркинг,коуъркинг софия

betahaus turns 1 year old with a bbq and a party

Otherwise, the official bbq started when 2 years ago one of our residents and friends, Hristo, gave us the bbq located on the terrace of Slaveykov. Gery put it together, now another Hristo (from betateam) fires it up when it’s warm outside. This is one of our most attended events with more people coming every time. there is usually alcohol in addition to food. During our last bbq our friends from kazan artizan made sure no one was left thirsty, and lazar from catch a fire record store brought around 100 records for everyone to choose from and take home.

събития,коуоркинг,свободни професии,betahaus,бетахаус,споделен офис,коуъркинг,коуъркинг софия

official bbq | slaveykov

grande family dinner

or the last supper, or so it seems when we all gather around the table. It happened about 3 times, but because it is grande and secret, it cannot happen that often. The ingredients of the last supper are: a big table, chairs around the big table, people who cooked food and a pinch of lazier people who bought it, water that turns into rakia, good vibes and resurrected people from laughter.

събития,коуоркинг,свободни професии,betahaus,бетахаус,споделен офис,коуъркинг,коуъркинг софия

grande family dinner | betahaus shipka

movie nights

imagine this: we get together and put on “50 shades of gray” but there’s a twist. Every time a sex scene appears everybody has to drink shots. On another occasion, we got together and watched “the bachelor”, but there’s another twist! Everybody drank a shot every time he said “very nice” – a phrase he repeated for an unhealthy amount of time. Now imagine these same people gathered on june 1st and watched “beauty and the beast” and cried! this is pretty much it.

събития,коуоркинг,свободни професии,betahaus,бетахаус,споделен офис,коуъркинг,коуъркинг софия


the city is great but when you wake up in the city during summer, well it’s not that great. most summer mornings pass by while we daydream about the sea, working beside the water, on a hammock or at a coworking space or why not even at a bar! And it is precisely for this reason we have already organized four summer betacamps, so all betahaus residents, friends, and us the team and even some smaller companies could join and spend some time together. 

What do we do while camping? We work a little, go to the beach, play sports, eat, drink, dance and laugh. This year’s camp was epic. 30 people managed to get to know each other, have fun, laugh a l o t and even some managed to get a hangover! Let’s not get into details though, because what happens at betacamp stays at betacamp.