[:bg]If you are:
Native in digital environment and social media
Experienced in digital marketing campaigns, advertising & communications
And you have successfully created content
Have understanding in digital media buying
Early adopter and have innovative mind & conceptual thinking
Emotionally empathetic with different type of people & behavior;
Responsible & entrepreneurial;
And your interests cover:

  • digital communications;
  • brand management and communications;
  • product & creative development;
  • consumer motivations and behavior;
  • international business;

Be the Digital Communication Specialist they are looking for!
You will:

  • Adapt the Brand strategy into a Digital strategy. Define the aim of the Digital Strategy
  • Create Brand Digital guides, that will determine the way brands are communicated globally
  • Manage the creation of Digital content that would be used to communicate the brand online
  • Measure and analyze websites traffic

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