[:bg]What they are looking for:
They are looking for the curious and motivated senior full-stack engineers (3 years +) that have strong JavaScript experience (maybe front-end MVC like Ember / Angular), but even if they do not, Z-Labs are still willing to consider them.They need people that take on a job and get it done. (good engineers know how to get things done, even if it means picking up a new language). They will also consider people that are freelancing / interested to work from home initially / help with re-location to Sofia.
What they are offering:
They offer a competitive salary, a stable environment and a shared success model, plus a stable and secure working environment that combines hard work, cool projects an amazing office and lots of fun activities together.
Z-Labs brings the Silicon Valley and Start-up Nation way of life to Sofia.
It offers a super exciting environment, using the latest technologies and working on exciting projects.
Join now and get to be part of the core team to help build a great company in Sofia!
You’ll get a chance to work with established US companies, and also on our own products that we will be commercializing!
The Founder:
Z-Labs has been established by Dory. Dory is a software engineer, geek and entrepreneur. He has been programming since he was 10.
He has worked in the USA, Israel & Australia for large (Microsoft R&D, Travelocity) medium and small companies. He’s also raised money and built companies. He’s very passionate about using the latest technologies and building awesome products and great code. You can checkout his blog at: http://www.doryzidon.com , his stackoverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/users/1059549/dory-zidon or his linkedin: http://goo.gl/39r2py Dory has been consulting for the past 3 years and is currently backed by US based companies and projects. Currently the R&D center is based in Sofia.
Contact them today and start working on cool engineering projects
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