Startup Job Fair

Startup Job Fair

is an event which will meet for fifth time startup companies with people to join their team and contribute to the realization of ideas, innovative projects and their overall development.

Event is for companies who:

• have high potential for growth

• develop a whole new product/service aiming to solve existing problem in an innovative way

• were founded and have experience in the last 5 years
Betahaus reserves its right to refuse the participation of companies that do not qualify for the event.

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  1. 3 sq.м. stand
  2. stant + two chairs
  3. place your promotional materials
  4. publish your job positions on betahaus job board
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  1. pick your place at the fair space
  2. bring your own stand
  3. get the attendees profiles
  4. place your promotional materials
  5. publish your job positions on betahaus job board + social media promotion
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get your spot on the fair

• preliminary representation of companies and their open positions
• breakfast
• WiFi 1Gbit
• Mineral water for representatives of companies.
• 50% discount from our media partner for publishing job offer or employer branding.



For a full day, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with different and innovative startup companies whose teams you can become part of. Free of charge, all day at betahaus. Registration needed.

Please send all questions regarding the event to