When we shared the news for our new location Shipka 6, most of you were thinking that we are opening a second house. A lot people have asked us is this our second location.

‘no, it’s not’

was the answer. Few months after we moved to our new space in Union of Bulgarian Artists building we discovered a new opportunity for opening a real second house. Now the answer is ‘yes, we have our second location’. And it’s a cool one…

Would you work from here?

Welcome to Slaveykov Square!

betahaus 2 will be on the last floor of this historical building of Sofia!

Here is a part of the building’s history…

and many years later… 1930

If you want to learn more about the area, you can read here.

welcome to the Club

in the concept of our new space we will add a new element – club membership! We have always wanted to test and validate that kind of membership. During the years we’ve talked and shared ideas about how cool would be if there is a space in the center of Sofia where like minded people from different fields of work get together and share knowledge and ideas, while drinking coffee, cocktail or just work.

We believe the club membership is the missing element in our coworking model. The membership is for people from different industries – from founders of companies and business managers through artists and successful people in sports, culture or music…

Club spaces or ‘social clubs’ how they are called abroad are getting very popular. They even take part of night clubs and bars market.

Our ‘social space’ has two balconies with 360 degrees view. We will also have a cafe/bar and a shared kitchen. Every member of the club will have access to events, conference room and betahaus community. Here you can work, have a meeting with clients or partners, drink cappuccino, cocktail or just to enjoy the view. Sign up for  any news regarding betahaus and the club membership. We will keep you up to date. We aim to start our club membership officially in the beginning of autumn.

and offices of course

Every single one with a unique view.

So if you would work from here or need to ask us something drop us a line on coworking@betahaus.bgor give us a call +359 888204995.

Our interior will be made again by DontDIY studio and the art on the walls will be cerated by Kaloyan MZK.

Yes, our second location on Slaveykov Square opens doors officially today. Stay tuned for details and news from us. Great stuff ahead.