light |

the easiest way to work in a coworking

work is no longer a place

you get 30 visits for 3 months

bring your laptop
now you can work from betahaus Shipka 6 and betahaus Slaveykov Square

now zoom has a real background

from our 2 locations with a scenery view over Sofia

you can have a meeting or a call here

leave your home

now you can work during the night you get 24/5 access and the coffee is free

furniture are comfortable for work, meeting with a client for a cоffee or a beer

no strings attached

no contract

you can cancel your membership whenever you want

light |

250 BGN

incl. VAT


where can I work from?

the spaces set aside for the “light |” membership have different types of furniture – large tables with chairs, sofas, poufs, etc. you don’t have a fixed desk – you sit where it’s available.

can I work from both locations in one day?

yes. entry into both locations within one day is counted as one visit. you have a personal access chip.

can I hold meetings with clients in the space?

yes. you can do them in the spaces. we also have phone booths and conference rooms of various sizes for which it is necessary to buy credits.

can I easily track how many visits I have left?

yes. you will have access to our betahaus members’ portal, where this information is available.

how can I renew my plan?

you can easily renew it from the portal or talk to someone on the team.

no deposit and no signing of a rental agreement?

yes! just agree to our general terms. you only owe a deposit for the access chip, which we will refund if you decide not to use the service anymore and return the chip to us.

can I bring my dog?

yes, as long as it does not disturb the other coworkers.

is there parking?

no, there is no parking. the parking zone around Slaveykov Square is blue, and around Shipka is green.

now you can take advantage of our “beta+” program

get your:

multisport card

additional health insurance

well… if you still need your personal place to work where you can leave your computer …