(1) The present general terms and conditions set out the conduction of the referral program organized by Betahаus Bulgaria AD with company registration number 205197678, with registered seat in Sofia and address of management and correspondence: Sofia 1504, ul. Shipka ”No 6, fl. 3, VAT No BG205197678. 

(2) Name of the program: “b | reward“  

(3) The implementation of the referral program of Betahaus Bulgaria AD (“betahaus”) starts on 14.12.2020.  

(4) The program takes place on the territory of Sofia, Bulgaria.


(1) The program is open to any adult and able-bodied person, as well as any legal entity, for which the following conditions are cumulatively met:  

– to have successfully filled in the form “Refer a friend” as a Referrer participant in the program in accordance with the general terms and conditions of this program, available on our website.

– at the time of awarding the prize there are no overdue financial obligations (unpaid monthly subscription) for the services used by him/her or the company, provided by betahaus;  

(2) Each Referrer has the right to participate in the program an unlimited number of times.


(1) Each person meeting the conditions under item 2, as well as the persons referred by him/her or the company, shall each have the right to receive rewards from this program, in case of the following conditions:  

– successfully and correctly filled in form “Refer a friend”, available on the betahaus website with the contact info of the Referrer and the contact info of his/her friend or acquaintance who has been referred (“Referred”). 

– the contact information for the recommendation was received by betahaus before the Referred person visited any of the betahaus locations and before using the “free test day” service.

– the recommended person has successfully become a member of betahaus by signing up for one of the monthly subscriptions – light, open space or office membership and has paid their first invoice.


(1) The rewards are provided by the Organizer.  

(2) Rewards:  

A) 10 free visits 

B) Free services worth BGN 100 (one hundred).  

(3) For each recommendation meeting the conditions of item 3, the Referrer and the Referred shall have the right to each choose one reward from the program. 

(4) Members of betahaus who have chosen the award “10 free visits” have the right to visit any location of betahaus Sofia 10 times on weekdays within 1 month from their first visit. The reward is valid for 1 year and can be gifted to another person. Members of betahaus who have chosen the award “free services worth BGN 100” have the right to personally use additional services such as, but not limited to a Multisport card and an additional health insurance card. The member can use both cards within 1 month; or one of the two within 2 consecutive months. The reward is valid with an active membership and cannot be gifted to or used by another person. Multisport and supplementary health insurance cards are activated from the first day of the month following the completion of the recommendation (payment of the first invoice from the Referred), as long as the request for them is made before the 20th day of the previous month. 

(5) Non-members of betahaus who have chosen the award “10 free visits” have the right to visit any location of betahaus | Sofia 10 times on weekdays within 1 month of their  first visit. The reward is valid for 1 year and can be gifted to another person. Non-members of betahaus who have chosen the reward “free services worth BGN 100” have the right to use the service “conference room” worth BGN 100 within 3 months of activating the service. The services includes the use of one of our conference rooms by choice of the participant:  

А) berlin | for 6 and a half astronomical hours with a capacity for 10 people 

B) hamburg | for 10 astronomical hours with a capacity fo 4 people 

C) barcelona | for 10 astronomical hours with a capacity for 4 people 

D) sofia | for 10 astronomical hours with a capacity for 6 people  

The reward is valid for 1 year from the date of completion of the recommendation and can be gifted to and used by another person.  

(6) The organizer is not responsible: 

 A) For inability to secure participation or provide the reward due to force majeure such as, but not limited to, civil unrest, war or hostilities, national and local disasters, acts or penalties by a government or other competent authority, severe climatic conditions, earthquakes and other natural disasters, technical problems, interruption and / or shortage of electricity, shutdown and / or interruption of the Internet, strikes, epidemics, etc .; 

B) for the actions of the participants in the campaign, which infringe the rights or legitimate interests of third parties; 

C) for undelivered or delayed rewards, when this is due to a fault of third parties outside its control; 

D) for incorrectly or inaccurately submitted information, or for human error, technical malfunction, lost or delayed submission of data, interruption, deletion, damage or malfunction of Internet connection, computer equipment and software, inability to access any web website or online service; 

E) for an unreceived prize, when the Participant has indicated incorrect contact details, resp. for changes such that the organizer has not been notified in a timely manner.  

(7) The rewards may not be exchanged for their monetary equivalent.


(1) Each participant in the Program is obliged: 

– to comply with these General Terms and Conditions; 

– not to provide personal data to other participants in the program, as well as not to use the personal data of other persons without their consent; 

– to observe the imperative norms of the law and of good morals; 

– to pay all taxes and fees, if any, in connection to the reward received; 

– to follow exactly the instructions of the Organizer for receiving the reward. 


(1) The data provided by the participants are collected and processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy of the Organizer, available on the website of the Organizer www.betahaus.bg.  


(1) These Terms are available on the website of betahaus www.betahaus.bg. Betahaus has the right to amend and append them at its discretion, when and as it deems necessary. The amendment is announced on the betahaus website www.betahaus.bg. The amendment is effective from the moment of its publication on the betahaus website. By joining the program “b | reward” the present General Terms and Conditions are also accepted.  

(2) The organizer has the right at its discretion to terminate the campaign at any time in case of circumstances that impede its conduct, including, but not limited to – abuse, violation of these rules, force majeure, administrative, judicial or other act. body, etc. In these cases the Organizer does not owe any compensation to the Participants.  

(3) Any potential dispute between the Organizer of the program and its participants shall be resolved by mutual consent, and in case of impossibility to achieve such, the dispute shall be resolved by the competent court in the Republic of Bulgaria in accordance with the current legislation. For matters not settled by these rules, the General Conditions of the “b | reward ”of betahaus are applied, and in the absence of regulations in them – current Bulgarian legislation. These general conditions have been accepted and come into force on 14.12.2020.