frequently asked questions

Shared workspaces are an alternative to working in a café, traditional or home offices. Coworking is not just about sharing the place but there is much more to it – being part of a community, exchanging information and ideas; working together with people.

Depending on your personal needs you can rent a dedicated seat on a shared desk, a private office with restricted access or you can use light | – where you work from the different types of furniture.

You are welcome to work from our betahaus locations in the very heart of Sofia – Shipka 6 and Slaveykov Sq. If you are a betahaus member, you can visit our spaces in Berlin, Hamburg or Barcelona free of charge.

All kinds. You can come across people working in IT, design, marketing, gaming, HR, Fintech and other industries. There are freelancers, people who work from distance, big and small companies.

Yes, you can check out both locations – feel the vibe and see if the shared workspaces are right for you.

You can see memberships and prices here.

The coworkingspace consists of different areas.

Our office at Shipka 6 has a common social area, all-equipped kitchen, an open working space, three conference rooms, seven private and three open phone booths, as well as private offices with restricted access.

Slaveykov square is our rooftop location. There are two fantastic balconies with a great view over the city, open space for working, two shared kitchens, a conference room and a few private offices.

In both locations are also filtered and sparkling water dispensers, high quality coffee and tea (free of charge), vending machines offering healthy products, a printer and a scanner and last but not least – elevators.

Both locations have a doorkeeper. We have also integrated a smart access solution. Non-members have restricted access except when they are visiting for a meeting with someone, for a tour or a test day.

In addition, there is 24-hour video surveillance. If you are still not convinced, you can use the lockers for your personal belongings.

Near our office at Shipka 6 you can park in the streets; however it is a “Blue Zone”. There is a parking lot close to the building, places are on demand.

Near betahaus Slaveykov is a “Blue Zone”. betahaus is just a 10-minute walk from the Serdika metro station.

Yes, you choose your own working hours. Every member with a monthly membership has access to the working spaces 24/7. If you are using our light | plan, your access is 24/5.

All betahaus members can take advantage of multisport cards, additional health insurance and special discounts on products and places (coming soon).

Yes. Contact us to find out more about conference rooms and phone booths.

We require a deposit for each membership – the amount equals the monthly fee. If you decide to cancel your membership, there is a one-month notice in the case of the shared space memberships, as for the office spaces – you need to let us know three months in advance.

If you are a light | member, you can cancel anytime.