106780-php-gifts-2Clippings.com is redesigning the design industry by developing a marketplace filled with furniture worth talking about, straight from the creators. 
Clippings.com is founded by a star team of founders and backed by design industry heavyweights that are bringing this vision to life. They’re building a place for great young designers to start shipping their products directly to customers, desrupting the whole retail establishment. This is indeed an ambitions goal, and to do this they need motivated and resourceful software developers. You can read more about who they are and what we strive for here:

If you:
    – Understand the ins and outs of PHP, follow PSR conventions and install your packages using Composer.
    – Write (or want to) open-source packages
    – Work with code reviews / pull requests workflow
    – Know a thing or two about Linux administration
    – Write beautiful frontend code, using various CSS, JS and HTML frameworks and compilers (SASS, Twitter Bootstrap, etc.)
    – Love agile approach to programming, ship early ship often
    – Do Tests
    – Are flexible in your work hours – the commits are important, not the time-in-the-seat
    – Like attractive salaries
Then send them your contact information to jobs@clippings.com