Django Superhero Wanted!

Mandrill Labs is a laboratory for experimental prototyping, innovative technology and battle-hardened enterprise web applications. They are looking for a full stack Django web developer with substantial front-end JavaScript knowledge.
At Mandrill Labs you will be part of an international team realizing interesting projects with intriguing web technology and have lots of fun. They have many responsibilities but also the freedom to contribute with our own ideas to every project.
They have ambitious goals with respect to web technology, and they expect you to have 4+ years of hands-on programming experience in:

– Python and Django (and/ or other Python-based web frameworks like Pylons
or Pyramid, Flask, Turbogears);
– JavaScript (JQuery);
– HTML5;
– CSS3 (Sass/LESS/Stylus);
– AngularJS
– knowledge in cordova/phonegap/ionic is an advantage.

They aim to conceptualize and implement highly sophisticated web technology projects, therefore we are looking for creativity and imagination as well as ability to work independently. Developers who are very adaptable and constantly update themselves on the latest advances in computer technology will fit super well to our small but highly experienced team. They are working closely together and share and exchange knowledge continuously – a setting in which your friendly interpersonal attitude and communication skills will come in handy. We communicate in English, and expect you to be able too, as well.

Salary, based on your experience: BGN 5k plus

They hope to have piqued your interest and are looking forward to receiving your application @: hey@mandrilllabs.com

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