This year we start with a great announcement – there will be а betahaus on Shipka 6 Str.

After we took over the old telephone central in Lozenets, now the coworking spirit will be transferred to another signature building in the heart of Sofia. We’ll be оn the 3rd floor of the UBA – Union of the Bulgarian Artists.

The design of the space is once again made by DontDIY studio, and of course, they will keep the original interior and exterior of the building dating back to 1972.

That it will be nice is an understatement. Close to us are other significant buildings such as the Sofia University and the National Library, just in front is the “Doctor’s Garden” park.

a hybrid coworking space

Betahaus 2.0, as we call this location, will be our next level house. With lots more spaces for phone calls – phone booths, high-tech conference rooms, better lighting, new generation security & access system, and backup for electricity and Internet (provided by our partner NET 1). All these improvements are made thanks to the feedback from our members and seven years of experience operating the first coworking space in Bulgaria.

Of course, the technological part is far from being the main focus of the space.

We stay an informal and open space, meant to develop and support a community of people who choose the shared way of working.

To do this more effectively, we will be using a new “digital community management” system, developed by the team of the global coworking management Office RnD.

Soon the space will be fully designed and fully equipped and ready to welcome our first members. Meanwhile, we are working on building new partnerships in the area in order to organize quality content of events program.

More details are coming soon, stay in touch.