X Challenge Park


August 19 – 22

betacamp is a 4-day adventure trip for betahaus members and their friends.
we are gathering to have fun and spend time together.

we will make barbecue, watch movies under the stars, and try a bunch of outdoor activities.
and, of course, bring the foosball table with us.

windsurf, surf, SUP

outdoor movie theater

welcome barbecue

rope combo, off-road, photo safari

skateboard, BMX, roller skates, scooter, mountain bike

what is included


3 x nights in a rented tent at “X Challenge Park“, Tsarevo.

*the price is per person.

*the price will not change even if you would prefer to sleep by yourself in a two-person tent or bring your own gear.


the offer includes a 1-day pass for the coworking area of the campsite.

*if you don’t feel like working, you can swap the coworking pass with experience and ride a SUP instead.

*every next coworking pass have additional fee of 25 leva per day.


breakfast & dinner

3 x breakfast – prepared in the eco-friendly eatery at the campsite.

1 x barbecue dinner night.

2 x dinner – cooked by a chef with Michelin-star restaurants experience.


by 31.07

199 lv

payments are made via bank transfer.

the price is VAT included.


from 01.08

249 lv

payments are made via bank transfer.

the price is VAT included.

parking, hot water and internet are included in the price.

what else do we need to know

getting there

the transport is not included in the price. you can share a car or take the bus.

camping facilities

the campsite offers toilets, showers, outdoor kitchens, electricity, water and internet.

the designated betahaus area at the camp can accommodate up to 15 tents.

what should I bring?

sunscreen, towel, sleeping bag, mat, flashlight, warm clothes for the evenings.

you can also bring your pet since we are going to a dog-friendly place.

betacamp team


is a walking encyclopedia of bars and restaurants. She is clearly not interested in any water activities. You can find her at sunset. Other than that she speaks French and loves Instagram.


loves drinking beer on the street curbs, taking photographs, travelling by train, not speaking much and not getting tan on the beach. She will be more active at night, just like Lilly.

teodora betahaus


dreams of cloning herself so that she can ride all types of surf at the same time. Her happiness is in good food or trying something for the first time. She’d say she doesn’t want to stay at the bar, but will be the last to leave.