new exposition is coming

It was a note, an impressing quote that we saw on the door of our new home. Well it’s kind of true, on the 3rd floor at the Union of Bulgarian Artists is coming one absolutely new exposition, a different one – the ‘CO’ one.
But before we start creating our story at Shipka 6 let’s go back a little.

the first 7

Our first 7… fundamentally important years. As we always say, the first seven years are really as important for one company as they are with humans.
First 7 create a character which is important for sustainable and successful business.
When we opened in June 2012 we were the 1st coworking space in Bulgaria. We laid down the fundaments of the shared way of work in our country and changed the whole idea of the office environment.
A few curious people were our first members at the shared space. Marto Spasov for example, still remembers his first invoice №5, and spend five lovely years with us. Well, he is still part of us one way or another.
The Dental Tribune team were our first members and are still being with us in the house 🙂
Step by step the space got filled and more and more people were able to experience what coworking means.
In 2013 and 2014 it was the boom of the startups and lot’s of the successful companies grew with us at betahaus. Farmhopping, Domestina and Enhancv are some of the best examples.
We celebrated our 1st Birthday in the Summer of 2013 with a yard BBQ. We had special guests from betahaus Berlin and we made them prepare shopska salata in big plastic basins…
(the epic poster)
We create our own traditions. One of them is the celebrations of our half birthdays, because we are growing and they are also important.
During 2013, we organized our startup competition for the first time (it’s one of our signiture events) – BETAPITCH. That same year we organized it again for the second time, because of the huge interest and big hunger for such events.
During the same year, we created our first outdoor coworking space near the parliament building to support the working protesters.

Another significant year in our history was 2015. During this year, we organized our Ice Cream Fest for local labels for the first time.
And in the end of the year we reached 100% full house.

At the same time, we started thinking to expand the space.
The idea for the 3rd floor was born. In the beginning of 2016 the 3rd floor became reality. The floor was built with bigger offices and open space for growing companies.

Again during 2016 we organized the first startup job fair event. An event that helps startups to find new teammates for their companies.
The first summer betacamp also happened that year, we took a lot of friends with us, and of course the foostable and the Internet. We had an epic time.

Yes, 7 years of emotions, testing new things, failures, changes and earning tonnes of new experience or with other words – 7 years of growing.

hello, Is it the gallery?

From the telecommunication central to the gallery….
Yes, you are reading correct, the building that was our home for the last 7 years is an ex telecommunication central.
New building and new area means new opportunities, right?
We are going to change the model of coworking we followed until now. We are not going to host other companies events anymore. We are going to focus on our own events program and developing new services for corporations, real estate and office management companies.

garage sale – we sell story and closing party

Officially we will open doors at Shipka 6 on 1st of April (it’s not a joke 🙂 )
And in our spirit we will close the Lozenets location with a big party in the workspace the same as we opened it 7 years ago! Before the party there will be a long day garage sale and you can come and buy some story 🙂
The date will be March 16 (Saturday). More information coming soon.